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Regina Mills appreciation week, Day 4 → favourite heartbreaking moments: 03x09 Save Henry
What I find heartbreaking about this - beside the fact that she wants to love and be loved so much that she’s willing to forget that who Henry’s mother is, which she subconsciously knows may cost her her happiness with Henry - is the message that the show has been sending so far. And that message is that the biological mother can come in whenever she wants and take her child away from the person who actually raised him, and the adoptive mother has no rights to the child she has been taking care of. Third season did a bit better, showing that Regina is a good mother, but even in 3b midseason finale it was the biological mother who gets the child. Despite Regina’s character development, which I loved, it annoys me just a little bit that once again it’s Emma who gets Henry. I admit it has gotten better in season 3, Regina getting to spend time with Henry, and him wanting to spend time with her, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. Especially on OUAT which can be so very inconsistent in its treatment of characters. That’s why I find this scene’s last line so sad. I hope that there will be a happy ending for Regina and Henry, and that I’ll get to redo this gifset one day and add some happy Regina/Henry scenes for a change.

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